Five Seeds for Fertility and Conception Herbal Granules 五籽衍宗丸

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  • Time Tested Formula: Improve Sexual Energy for both men and women. Boost Sperm Count and Mobility in men. Prepare body for conception for women. Improve fertility.
  • All Natural Ingredients: Goji Berry, Palmleaf Raspberry, Chinese Magnolia, Plantain Seed, Chinese Dodder Seed.No fillers and binders
  • Concentrated and Potent Herbal Formula: Concentration Ratio is 5:1
  • Safe to Use: No pharmaceuticals, sugar, or dyes. Passed strict comprehensive lab testings
  • How to use: Dissolve a teaspoonful of granules (about 3grams) in warm or cold water. Drink 2 times a day.

Wu Zi Yan Zong Wan which means "five seeds passing on the generations" in Chinese, is based on a traditional prescription passed down from over one thousand years ago. It is composed of five Chinese herbs (seeds) that can nourish the kidney and Jing (semen, the essence of life) in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) terms. The kidney is the source of Yin, Yang, and Jing. A normal reproduction needs a healthy kidney function with respect to Yin, Yang, and Jing. When kidney Yin, Yang, or/and Jing is weak, problems may arise in reproduction. Although in the ancient time people did not know the cause why a man fails to get his wife to conceive, this formula has been passed on for its use in helping couples to conceive. Today modern medical science has long revealed that the cause in male reproduction is mostly due to the semen problems regarding to sperm counts, sperm morphology, and sperm mobility etc. These measurements thus have been conveniently used to testify the function of Wu Zi Yan Zong Wan Wu Zi Yan Zong Wan is indicated in China Pharmacopoeia for tonifying the kidney and nourishing Jing. It is suitable for use in the case of the kidney deficiency presented with lower back weakness, dribbling in urination, nocturnal emission, and poor male performance. As sperm growth and maturation is a lengthy process (2 to 3 months), persistence in taking this supplement for several months, ideally 6 months, will yield the best result.